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More Flavor, Less Plastic

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The City of Fort Lauderdale has joined global efforts to raise awareness about the impact of plastic on the environment. More Flavor, Less Plastic is a community-wide initiative to eliminate plastic straws and reduce other single use plastics, such as utensils, beverage and take out containers.

Why is Plastic Pollution Harmful?

Plastics are the most common type of debris found in our beaches, oceans, and waterways. The volume of plastic in our oceans is projected to out-weigh marine life by 2050. Often mistaken as food by fish and birds, plastic threatens the health of marine habitats and wildlife. Plastic has already been detected in the stomachs of 30% of our sea turtles and 90% of our sea birds. Since it can take plastic more than 100 years to decompose, preventing it from entering the environment is crucial. Did you know?

  • Americans use over 170 million plastic straws per day.
  • Plastic straws are a top ten contributor to marine debris pollution.
  • 1 to 5 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide every year.
  • One million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world.

Plastic Straw Ban

The City of Fort Lauderdale has passed an ordinance to ban the sale and distribution of single-use plastic straws (Code of Ordinances Section 16-140). Starting in July 2019, businesses may provide plastic straws only upon request; and, as of January 2020, businesses may no longer provide plastic straws.

How YOU Can Help!

Businesses and residents are encouraged to commit to eliminating and/or reducing the following single-use plastic items:

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Greening Edge Leader

The first 200 businesses to take the pledge will become a Greening Edge Leader and receive a free window cling and recognition on the City’s website. Click to see a list of the City's Greening Edge Leaders.


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