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Recycling Metal

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Recyclable MetalRecycling metal is one of the oldest types of recycling. Most baby boomers and seniors remember a time when collecting and returning cans was the norm. These days, you can recycle that metal right at the curb.  Here are the guidelines:

Cans of all shapes and sizes are recyclable. Whether they are tall or flat, round or square, pop-top or require an opener, almost every metal container used for food, beverages, cleaning products, and cosmetics are recyclable. That includes everything soda cans to the sardine cans, from pepper tins to that gallon-sized olive oil box, and from sunscreen to cleanser.

Remember to rinse. Since many of these containers were used to hold food or oily substances, it is important that you rinse them lightly before depositing to your recycling cart. This prevents food or residue from leaking into the larger recycling load and contaminating it and helps to eliminate cart odors.  

EMPTY aerosol cans are recyclable.  This includes everything from whipped cream to room fresheners. Please make sure that you have fully dispensed the entire product.

Caps and lids removed from metal or other containers, such as jars.

You do not need to peel or scrub off labels. They will be separated automatically at the processing facility.

Metal that is not recyclable in our containers may be valuable to a scrap recycler. Different metals command different prices on the scrap market. Even in small quantities, certain metals are very valuable. These includes wires found in electronics and car components. To maximize the amount of metal that our community recycles, please consider going the extra step. You can conveniently recycle electronics via our Hazardous Waste and Electronics Drop-off Events or at a local electronics recycler. Cars can be sold to dealers or donated to charitable organizations who will benefit from their sale.

The following metals are not recyclable in City of Fort Lauderdale carts:

  • Wire hangers  Consider returning these to a local dry cleaner.
  • Electric wiring, batteries or electronic wastes of any kind.  Take these items to our Hazardous Waste and Electronics Drop-Off Events instead.
  • Paper clips and boxes of staples  Donate to schools and charities.
  • Costume jewelry- Donate to local charities.
  • Toothpaste or similar tubes, juice pouches, and other similar containers. Many bulk processors will accept these by mail as part of fundraising efforts for schools and charities.
  • Fencing and chicken wire. Donate to a local charity.
  • Cutlery and kitchen utensils.   Donate to a local charity.
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