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Being exposed to environmental issues and stewardship opportunities at a young age is a key factor in students leading more sustainable futures. On each of our topical pages, your students will find helpful and fun links to activities and websites that reinforce learning. Here we present resources specifically for teachers, curriculum specialists and parents. We've organized them by our six main topics. Each section includes a variety of grants, community programs, and lesson planning resources, as well as additional helpful web links.



Natural Inquirer<---The Natural Inquirer is a science journal for middle school student produced by the USDA Forest Service. 

The Fairchild Challenge 

The Fairchild Challenge is a local, interdisciplinary environmental education competition for students in elementary, middle, and high school. It encourages students to become more environmentally conscious and challenges them to participate in activities and projects that use the environment as a platform for educational growth and experiences.---> 

US EPA<--- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans

Students and Sustainability - "This page is designed for teachers who wish to introduce the concepts of sustainability into their classrooms and for students who need assistance and guidance in their sustainable research projects." A range of resources from a variety of agencies and educational institutions are recommended for all grade levels.


NASA Education Materials--->




Science Friday 

<---Science Friday Teacher Resources 

PBS Learning Media 

Florida PBS Learning Media Science---> 



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alliance for climate education<--- The Alliance for Climate Education - ACE Assembly brings climate change presentations, lesson plans, activities, and professional development to schools in areas that have been directly affected by climate change.

California Academy of Sciences 

Sea Level Rise and Ice Cubes--->


<--- Greenhouse Gases in a Jar




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us department of energy logoEnergy Competitions - This is the Department of Energy's main reference page regarding competitions for all grade levels. Opportunities range from building electric or solar powered cars to designing the schoolhouse of the future.--->


EPA Water Sense<--- EPA Water Sense for Teachers 





Florida Power and Light (FPL) Energy Education--->

Healthy Schools Campaign 

<--- Green Cleaning Green Schools Initiative

Learn about eco-friendly cleaning products that your school can use to help create a cleaner and healthier school while keeping the planet in mind.


PBS Learning Media


Baking Cookies with Solar Power--->


US EPAThe U.S. EPA offers many resources for the classroom. Here are a few of our favorites related to conservation.

What's in a Label? Fuel Economy and the Environment

Managing Your Energy Budget

Exploring Windmill Design

EPA Aquifer in a Cup



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Broward County Public Schools<--- Broward County Public Speaking Contest

The Broward County Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division has created a public speaking contest for Broward County students to create and present original speeches on areas of environmental concern.



National Ground Water Association

Make Your Own Groundwater Model--->

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commision 


<--- FWC Programs and Wildlife Viewing

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has a number of programs and projects that introduce students in grades K-12 to wildlife and nature in their community and from the classroom.


Junior Master GardenerThe Junior Master Gardener Program is an international youth gardening program run through the university extension cooperative network. Students gain a sense of pride, leadership, and community involvement through community gardening efforts.--->

UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Science<--- Florida School Gardens Competition

The University of Florida’s Institute of Food Agricultural Sciences Extension Office hosts an annual school garden competition for elementary schools throughout Florida. The purpose of the competition is to encourage the creation of gardens throughout schools in Florida..


Kids GardeningKids Gardening Classroom Projects

Make Weather Tracking Tools--->

PBS Learning Media <--- How Do Plants Get Energy?

Pollination: Be a Bee

Explore Florida Springs of Life

National Park Service 


National Park Service for Teachers--->








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US EPA<--- EPA Tools to Reduce Waste in Schools - Learn how to start or expand a waste reduction program at your school. The site includes include an introductory guide and appendixes on how to conducting a waste assessment, common recyclable materials appropriate for school, cafeteria screening, feasibility factors, tracking sheets, outreach material, and other resources.

Conduct a Chemical Survey

Life Cycle of a Soccer Ball


PBS Learning Media




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