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Cycling Our City

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What can be more relaxing than rolling along on a breezy, sun-drenched day? Cycling is fun, good for you, and good for our City!

DSC02809 - CropSince the advent of the automobile, cycling in the United States has become more of a sport than a mode of transportation. It's time to turn that around! Cycling is almost a zero emissions way to travel (excepting the actual manufacture of the bicycle, helmets, etc.). Increasing cycling in Fort Lauderdale means providing the basic infrastructure for it to be a safe activity, integrating cycling networks to the fabric of our urban design, and creating a dense, mixed use environment where cycling becomes the most logical choice.

As part of our Complete Streets policy, we are incorporating bicycle lanes into more and more of our streets. We are connecting these lanes to a larger regional system, on the roadways and on greenways. We are creating master plans which emphasize connectivity.

Increasing cycling in our city is a short and long term project. There are actions we are taking today to meet the needs of those who already cycle, improving conditions to increase that population, and then looking to our children for the future.  Cycling can also be an important component of our economic development toolkit. It is a relatively in expensive way to travel to work and school.

As a major destination, improving conditions for cycling, for example though bike sharing and bicycle valets, also serve to buoy the tourism economy. 

What's down the road?

004 Mayor and kidsAs part of the League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly America program, representatives from the League, Broward County, Florida Department of Transportation, Broward B-cycle, Neighborhoods, and the City’s Parks and Recreation, Police, Public Works, and Transportation and Mobility Departments joined together in February, 2015 to discuss best practices for improving bicycling conditions in our City. The meeting focused on educating neighbors on bike safety, encouraging more bicycling, and also included a group ride around Fort Lauderdale to assess the City’s biking infrastructure and the challenges bicyclists face. The League will provide the City with a Bicycle Friendly Community Report Card and an action plan that identifies priorities that will have the greatest impact on helping us become a safer, more comfortable bicycle community.

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