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Traffic Calming

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007 Speed ClockA third element of making streets better for everyone is a focus on cars-- specifically on slowing them down in areas where pedestrians, cyclists,wildlife, community gatherings, schools, and other at risk groups or areas are likely to be. When we speak of "risk" here, we are specifically referring to being at risk for vehicular collisions.

Calming traffic is of benefit not only to people on the ground, but also to drivers, most of whom prefer additional safety measures that make it easier for them to see upcoming stops, crosswalks, intersections, pedestrians or cyclists, medians and other vehicles.

Through a combination of technology, design and public education, Fort Lauderdale is making strides in this area. Our efforts includes projects such as:

  • Optical speed using transverse lines to create the impression of speed and induce natural slowing
  • Painted intersections to increase intersection visibility and also promote natural slowing
  • LED Lighted crosswalks to increase visibility at night in particular
  • Flag stations for pedestrians to put added signaling control in their hands
  • Speed awareness signage to prompt drivers to pay attention to reduced urban speeds
  • Lane narrowing to require lower speed limits
  • Red light safety camera program to deter speeding

You can find out more about these efforts and others to calm traffic at the Transportation and Mobility webpages.

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