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GYR Ordinances & Code

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We are very proud of the ways that our neighbors green their routines-- almost entirely on a volunteer basis! Most people who live, work and go to school here would be surprised to know that there are many laws on the books to support sustainable practice. To them, living sustainably just makes good common sense. Yet sometimes laws are necessary to provide more structure or specifc guidance than a policy would. This page serves as a reference index to those laws.

Your first place to look for information is Municode. There, you ask access our city's complete Code of Ordinances and Unified Land Development Code. This index assists you in focusing your search.

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NOTE: This index is in formation and is not yet complete. Check back for updates. For information regarding County, State and Federal laws, please reference the respective websites. 

Proposed and Under Review

A proposed Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ ordinance includes revisions and criteria which encourages nationally-recognized Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL) and sustainable principles as language to be incorporated into the City of Fort Lauderdale Code of Ordinances, Chapter 47 Unified Land Development Regulations (ULDR), ARTICLE III. - DEVELOPMENT REQUIREMENTS Section 47-21. LANDSCAPE AND TREE PRESERVATION REQUIREMENTS.

Passed and Enacted 

Climate Resiliency

Conservation & Efficiency

Responsible Development & Land Use

Natural Resources Preservation

Transportation & Connectivity

Recycling & Waste Reduction

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