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The City of Fort Lauderdale encourages all of our neighbors to prepare early for hurricane season, and to dispose of tree trimmings properly. Proper pruning of trees and bushes is an essential part of preparation. Proper pruning ensures three things:

  1. Wind can pass more easily through tree branches. Removal of small twigs and dead branches actually promotes healthy growth and allows wind to flow through the greenery lessening the chance of pulling the tree down.  
  2. Fruit and branches are less likely to become projectiles. Coconuts, mangoes, avocados and other heavy fruits, can become dangerous projectiles in a storm. They can be propelled by winds at speeds high enough to break windows and remove roof tiles. Trimming and harvesting them frequently during hurricane season keeps everyone safe and keeps you in tasty snacks. If you have too much fruit, share with neighbors or consider donating to a local food bank.
  3. You'll have more time to attend to last minute preparations. Keeping up with tree trimming means that you don't have to do it at the last minute. It also means that our solid waste haulers have ample time to pick up your trimmings.

Please use your green yard waste cart for all tree and bush trimmings. Cut trimmings down to size so that they can fit in your green cart with the lid completely closed. If you have too many trimmings, or oversized branches that cannot be cut down, you may use bulk trash. However, please keep all greenery separate from other bulk items.

Remember, you will need to make room inside for all outdoor items that could become projectiles in a storm. So, while you are cleaning up your yard before the hurricane season starts, take the time to clean out your garage and other storage areas. Remember, you can bring Household Hazardous Waste to any of our drop-off events.

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