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Your Solid Waste, Yard Waste & Recycling Services

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The City of Fort Lauderdale takes an integrated approach to solid waste management.  Garbage, recycling, bulk trash, yard waste, hazardous material disposal and all associated compliance management, contract administration and customer service are managed under the Sustainability Division of the Department of Public Works. By grouping these activities together, we can strive to reduce the total amount of waste our community produces, while offering a  mix of collection and disposal options.  Our goals are to reduce waste in City operations and in the community, keep solid waste disposal costs low for taxpayers, manage solid waste activities in the City so that they are transparent and self-sustaining, comply with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, and provide the highest quality service to our neighbors.

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Our services include:

  • Curbside collection of garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulk trash for single family homes and for multi-family dwellings with up to three units.
  • Registration of haulers collecting for commercial establishments and for multi-family dwellings over three units, as well as compliance to ensure building owners provide waste and recycling service according to established ordinances and regulations.
  • Installation of permanent and temporary waste containers in public spaces, including parks, beaches, sidewalks, bus stops, and community athletic fields, as well as collection of waste from these containers.
  • Collection of household hazardous waste and electronics via periodic events and secure drop boxes.
  • Public education regarding waste reduction, safe disposal and recycling.
  • Special services, such as for clean-up in the public realm after severe weather.

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In addition to providing residential household garbage, yard waste, recycling, and bulk trash collection services, the City also maintains public trash receptacles, removes litter from streets and beaches, and hosts collection events to protect neighbor health and quality of life and preserve the beauty of our community.  The City has faced significant escalations in sanitation collection, disposal and operating costs since 2018. As a result, neighbor rates no longer cover the costs of the services being provided.  In order to maintain the levels of service provided to our neighbors a rate increase for solid waste collection services will go into effect on August 1, 2019. An ordinance amending Section 24- 47 of the City’s Code of Ordinances to increase rates charged for sanitation collection, disposal and operating costs was adopted on July 9, 2019.  See the revised ordinance herepdf

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