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TiresTires are about two percent of the waste generated in the United States. Tires are among the most reusable automotive products,. They can be used in engineering projects ground up or whole, they can be processed for fuel, and they can even be retread for re-use. But the tires have to be properly channeled to ensure that they don't go to waste.  Here are options for City of Fort Lauderdale residents.

First, maintain your tires to maximize their road life.  Keep them properly inflated according to the guidelines in your vehicle owners manual.  Check air pressure at least once per month, and always before long trips.  Be sure to rotate tires every 4,000 miles and balance them when they are rotated.

Return your old tires to an authorized tire sales center.  These outlets have generally pre-arranged for collection and recycling of old tires.  If you have not made a purchase of new tires, please be aware that there may be a small fee for disposal of old tires.

Place tires curbside on bulk collection day.  Please be sure that tires are placed next to, but not mixed in with, other bulk trash.  Note that we cannot accept tires at hazardous waste drop-off events.

Give your old tires new life!  A cleaned up tire is inspiring!  Here are a few re-use ideas:

  • Lay them flat in your garden and fill with soil to make the perfect raised bed vegetable gardens
  • Use a sturdy and weatherproof rope to hang your tire from a strong tree branch to make a wonderful swing or chair.
  • Roll it on its side and top with a round of glass for a cool, industrial coffee table.

We'd love to hear about your creative re-use ideas.  Snap a picture and Share Your Success Story.

Donate your tires.  Artists, playground managers and a variety of other professionals can often put old tires to good use. Check with local organizations.

For more information, consult these resources.

EPA LinkU.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Scrap Tires FAQ

This USEPA webpage offers detailed statistics and disposal information for used tires.  The agency also monitors emissions from combustion of scrap tires generated by over 30 States that burn tires for fuel. The site also offer comprehensive information on what happens to materials produced from old tires, the impacts to the environment, and ways to re-use old tires.  Individuals who would like to become tire recyclers can also find relevant information on this webpage.

FDEP Logo 

Florida Department of Environmental Protection - Scrap Tires

FDEP manages the State of Florida's scrap tire program and oversees all movement, storage, processing, commerical re-us, disposal, abatement and clean-up of scrap tires. The webpage also includes interesting updates on the Osborne Reef Waste Tire Removal Project which is an effort to clean and mitigate the damage from millions of tires which were placed off of Broward County's shoreline in the 1970s.


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