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Apartment & Condominium Waste Services

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The City of Fort Lauderdale does not provision waste collection service to apartments and condominiums with more than three units in the building or complex, nor to certain gated or townhome communities. Instead, we offer a variety of waste haulers the opportunity to negotiate directly with property owners for their garbage, recycling, bulk items and plant waste. This ensures that the unique needs of each property are taken into account regarding size and placement of dumpsters or carts, as well as integration with chute systems. It also encourages healthy competition between haulers, with the goal to keep rates reasonable for all our neighbors.

Recycling in apartments can be easy!That being said, it is a requirement of the City that all multi-family building and complex owners provision recycling service to residents. In addition, the guidelines for recycling which apply to single-family homes, also apply to our neighbors living in multi-family dwellings. No additional restrictions on recycling are permitted.

Neighbors living in apartments and condominiums are invited to take advantage fully of our Hazardous Waste services.

Complaints and Questions 

Complaints about service provided by private haulers should be directed to your property or building manager.  If you feel that you are not being offered the full suite of waste services at your apartment or condominium, please feel free to contact our Solid Waste Coordinator at (954) 828-5054. We would be happy to contact building management or ownership on your behalf.

Owners and Managers

Correctly provisioning waste and recycling services can save you time and money, and help maintain your property and its value. If you require assistance with understanding the requirements of waste provisioning in the City of Fort Lauderdale, we are here to help. Rightsizing your dumpsters, correct positioning of those and other containers, signage recommendations, resident education -- these are some of the topics we can discuss. Contact our Solid Waste Coordinator at (954) 828-5054 to arrange a telephone consultation, an in-person meeting, or an education session at your upcoming Board Meeting. We are also available to present at resident gatherings.

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