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Medication Take-Back Day

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Each year, the City of Fort Lauderdale sponsors at least one Medication Take-Back Day, usually in coordination with one of our Household Hazardous Waste Disposal events. Please check back for the date of the next scheduled event.

During the Medication Take Back Event, the City accepts unused, unwanted, or expired prescription and non-prescription medications. There is no cost to drop off medications and residents may remain anonymous.  The event is supervised by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and the collected medications are destroyed and disposed of in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner according to state laws and regulations.

The City held its first Medication Take Back Event in 2011.  Since the program’s inception, the City has collected more than 400 pounds of medications.

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You can always find our next event on our main Green Your Routine and City calendars.  Follow these simple steps to participate:  

  • Leave all medications in original containers with the name of each medication visible if possible
  • Remove all patient identification information by peeling off the prescription label or by blacking out the information with a permanent marker.  Remove the doctor’s and pharmacy’s contact information and any identifying prescription numbers.
  • Make sure containers do not leak.  Tighten the lids, or for items with loose or missing lids, place them in a plastic bag that can be sealed.
  • Check the lists below to see what we accept at our events. For items that we do not accept at events, follow guidelines listed elsewhere on these pages.

What’s Accepted

What Not to Bring*

Over-the-counter medications

Medical waste, any type

Prescription medications (controlled and non-controlled)


Medicated syrups, liquids, ointments, shampoos and lotions

Any non-medicated items, such as perfumes and non-medicated soaps

Medication samples

Injectable solutions

Medications with no labels

Syringes and needle/sharps

Pet medications

Make-up and nail polish, unless medicated

Prescription inhalers

Aerosol cans

Unknown tablets / caplets

Chemotherapy/Radioactive substances

Nicotine gum and other smoking prevention ingestables

Medications generated from businesses, pharmacies, medical supply outlets and doctor’s offices

Unused, unopened “Patches” (intra-dermal medications)

Bandages, wound tape, guaze


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