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Climate Change and Your Home

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If you read the popular press lately you might think that Floridians are doomed. In an effort to raise awareness of the very real climate issues our region is facing, everyone from news reporters to bloggers are sounding the alarm.

In the City of Fort Lauderdale, we believe it is important to gather as much information as possible and to focus on data coming out of universities and scientific institutions as well as the public agencies and private organizations that work with them. With good information you can make good decisions.

What does the current data mean for you and the home you own or rent?

Green Your Cooling RoutineOur hot season is getting longer and may increase in temperature slightly. Check that your HVAC system is maintained properly, drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and know what to do in case of a heat emergency. Take a look at our High Temperature Living pages and our tips for Greening Your Cooling Routine. It's a guide to the steps you can take room by room to cool your home or apartment in ways that don't harm the planet. To cool our city, sign up for utility e-billing and get a free tree to plant in your yard or to donate to someone else. 

Be ReadStorms may increase in frequency and intensity. While we all work towards a greener future, we cannot ignore the risks associated with climate, especially rising seas. Being prepared is more important than ever. Be sure to review all of the preparedness information provided by our Emergency Management Department, develop an evacuation plan and check your insurance coverage. Also make sure to do your pre-hurricane season hazardous waste drop off and yard clean-up.

Watch for WaterFlooding in Fort Lauderdale will continue to be a challenge that we address. You should make sure that you are properly insured. As a City resident, you are eligible for a discount. Use the newly updated FEMA maps to determine your flood zone, and check the information on potential for sea level rise to understand the short term changes to high tide risk and the long term adaptation challenges in your neighborhood. Help us to control flooding by clearing storms drains or reporting clogs to our Customer Service Center, and by keeping swales free of debris and parked cars. Little things can make a difference too. Keeping household grease out of household drains helps prevent clogs that could result in broken underground pipes.

Most important, stay informed and stay in touch.

Get to know your neighbors so that you can rely upon one another in case of emergency, and work together to make your building or neighborhood more sustainable. Use this website to get up to date information about how we are making Fort Lauderdale a resilient community. And share your success stories with us to educate and inspire others.

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