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Carbon Footprint Calculators

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What is your home and family's impact?

Carbon impact currently accounts for more than half of human ecological impact, and it has increased more than ten times what it was only 50 years ago. Reducing our carbon footprint may be the most important step we can take to ensure the long term health of our planet. Understanding how much carbon your choices and activities contribute, both directly and indirectly, is a vital first step to greening your routine.

Most calculators rely upon usage data from your utility bills, as well as estimates of miles traveled, and a recollection of the major purchases you have made. Don't worry if you don't know exact numbers. The calculators can be a real eye opener even if you are entering good guesses. Just raising your awareness that what you do and what you buy does affect emissions is worth the investment in a few minutes with one or more of these tools.

US Environmental Protection Agency LogoEPA Household Carbon Footprint Calculator

This calculator gives a ballpark estimate of emissions. It suggestions actions you can take to lower your emissions, and categorizes them by investment required from nothing to very large investments.




Cool Climate NetworkCool Climate Network Carbon Calculator

From the University of California at Berkley, this calculator helps you to compare your household's carbon footprint to those of other households with similar demographics.


global_footprint_networkEcological Footprint Calculator - Personal

This calculator explores how you can reduce your direct and indirect carbon emissions. It shows how our emissions compare with other demands we make of our planet, such as growing food, using natural resources to make things, and paving over land to build cities and roads.


NOTE: Many private companies offer carbon calculators which offer an acceptable level of accuracy. Be aware that some companies use their calculators to provide opportunities for purchasing carbon offsets. Offsets are used to negate the impact of carbon emissions by contributing to sustainability in another form, either through investments in renewable energy, forest development or other means. The City of Fort Lauderdale does not recommend, nor does it endorse, any particular offset programs at this time.


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