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For Event Planners

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Thank you for choosing Fort Lauderdale for your event. We're sure that you and your guests are going to be pleased with the venue, the atmosphere and the service you receive. Your successful event can be even more special by adopting the green event management practices introduced here.

Challenge your vendors.

We understand that much of what happens at your event is out of your hands on the special day. You've selected your vendors, planned the particulars, and want to sit back and relax and enjoy. The key to greener events is getting your vendors on board with the concept early. So, make selection in part based upon the vendor's ability and willingness to comply with eco-friendly practices. Look for vendors who advertise sustainable practices and products, and ask to incorporate these into your contract. Preference vendors who keep prices stable regardless of your requests because, in fact, some green practices have a positive affect on profits and these should be passed onto you.

Go for zero waste.

This is probably the single biggest change to be made to most events. Gatherings of all types, be they indoors or outdoors, business or pleasure, fancy or informal, create waste. Unfortunately, events tend to create the most damaging types of waste: methane-producing garbage from food and flowers, recyclables contaminated with oily and sticky foods, utensils and table coverings that are not recyclable, and all manner of unused materials. It is actually possible to run even the largest event without creating waste at all. As in all other aspects of waste management, the right steps are to reduce, reuse and recycle before tossing things away. See our tips for conducting an event that's as close to zero waste as possible. You can also access the following helpful information:

Encourage alternative transportation.

Events mean travel, and whether it is near or far, that could mean expending fuel which drives greenhouse gas emissions and increases our city's heat island effect. Encouraging alternative transportation can be a fun addition to your event. Incorporate these tips:

  • Don't just give driving directions. Be sure to include public transit directions as well.
  • Choose hotels that are within walking distance of other event venues.
  • Utilize our Sun Trolley and Uptown Link.
  • Set up a bike valet. Do a cycling tour. Provide directions to the nearest B-Cycle station. You can even contact them to discuss your group event.
  • Provide preferred parking for electric, clean diesel and hybrid parking, as well as for those who carpool.

Preserve our waterways and wildllife.

We hope that you will take advantage of all the water that's around you by including boating, fishing, swimming, a meal at one of our many waterside restaurants, or just relaxing by the beach in your events. Please encourage your guests to enjoy our beautiful canals, rivers and ocean, and to be mindful that they are sharing them with locals and with native wildlife. Help us to keep Fort Lauderdale beautiful and safe by asking your guests to:

  • Take all trash from boating excursions to shore and disposing of it properly. Our Clean Marinas are equipped for all manner of waste. Personnel can assist with pump-out, fishing line recycling and trash.
  • Use our sidewalk, park and beachside recycling and garbage containers. Please do not litter, and please place trash completely inside available containers. Wind can blow trash into our waterways where it can be mistaken for food by marine mammals, fish and seabirds.
  • Dispose of cigarettes in a container, not on the street or in the sand. Cigarette butts can be deadly to animals.

While you may snap as many photos as you would like, please never approach or feed wildlife. Do not attempt to incorporate them into your photos by manipulating the environment. If you would like to utilize wildlife photos, there are many local organizations who would be happy to assist. Please also advise guests to observe all posted signs regarding sea turtle nesting, sea turtle lights, and manatee no wake zones. We can provide materials to assist, or you can link to our webpages here

Go local.

Give your event a truly South Florida feel by patronizing our local vendors. From freshly grown produce to local artwork and from corporate service providers to local entertainers, we can provide everything you need to run a successful event. When you shop locally you help us to cut the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport and you reduce risks to our eco-system such as from bringing in non-native plants. Contact our Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau for assistance.

Invite us.

While we're not the types to crash your party, we never refuse a nice invitation. Our Sustainability Division would be happy to participate in your event if it helps us create a greener Fort Lauderdale. Perhaps you would like to do a tree give-away or educate people about local wildlife? Maybe you have booths to fill. We can help. Contact us through our 24-hour Customer Service Center at (954) 828-8000.

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