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Our Wild Neighbors

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You may not see them every day, but our City’s extensive network of waterways, lush landscapes, proximity to the Everglades and location on a major North-South migration route mean that we share our neighborhoods with a great variety of fish, birds, insects and mammals. These animals not only call Fort Lauderdale home, but are extremely beneficial to us. Our wild neighbors improve our quality of life, support our tourism economy, pollinate plants that produce food and create shade, provide natural pest control, and maintain balance in our ecosystem. Learn about each of them here.

Stars of Our Seas

Productive Pollinators

Natural Pest Controllers

Migrating Visitors

Other Wildlife Friends

More Information

If you would like general information about wildlife in our region, use these sources.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission LogoFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - Species Profiles

"The FWC protects and manages more than 575 species of wildlife, more than 200 native species of freshwater fish and more than 500 native species of saltwater fish, balancing these species' needs with the needs of nearly 19 million residents and the millions of visitors who share the land and water with Florida's wildlife." The website provides profiles for hundreds of animals living in our City and in the surrounding regions, as well as information on which ones are invasive or endangered.



SFWMDSouth Florida Water Management District - Florida Habitats and Wildlife

This is the District's webpage dedicated to informing the public about our region's plant and animal life. There are excellent overviews of types of habitats, information about getting involved in rescue and conservation, as well as reports on the condition of certain species.


CERP LogoThe Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) - Plants and Animals of the Everglades

The website is a partnership of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the South Florida Water Management District and many Federal, State, local and tribal partners. It includes extensive information on past activities to restore the Everglades and future plans. This section of their website focuses on the flora and fauna of the Everglades and nearby areas.



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