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Pollution Prevention at Home

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Even what you do inside can affect our water outside. That is because everything that you put down a drain, flush or throw away has the potential to get into our waterways. By updating a few everyday routines, you can help to reduce the chances of inadvertent contamination. Follow these simple best-management practices to produce a healthier environment. Click on the blue hyperlinks for detailed instructions and tip cards.

Put Hazardous Waste in its PlaceUse hazardous chemicals sparingly and follow the instructions on the label. Clean up spills immediately and properly dispose of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste can be found throughout a home in the form of cleaning fluids, solvents, paints, adhesives and more.


Green Your Purchasing ROutinePurchase and use non-toxic, biodegradable, recycled and recyclable products when possible. These are specially formulated to be gentler on you and also on the drain systems they enter.



Mind Your Fats, Oils and GreaseNever pour grease, oils or fats down your sinks drains, nor flush them in your toilets. Grease has a way of forming nasty clogs that can wreak havoc with our pipes. Minute cracks can let undesirables into our water system; major clogs can cause system outages. Please dispose of all fats, oils and grease, whether kitchen related or not, according to the instruction described in the attached links.

Secure Medications & Medical WasteStore and dispose of all medications and medical waste properly. Water that goes down your drains or into your toilet can eventually be treated and reenter our water system. Medications are very difficult to filter out completely. Please follow all attached disposal recommendations.


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