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Recycling your yard waste back onto your lawn and landscape can improve the fertility and water-holding ability of the soil and help aerate soil that has become compacted. It can also save you time and money.

Stop blowing, raking and bagging. 

There’s no need to bag or rake lawn clippings; leave them on the lawn to add nutrients, like nitrogen., back into the soil. Use fallen leaves and pine needles as mulch under trees and shrubs. You will save a lot of time by eliminating unnecessary yard tasks, and you will save money by reducing the need for everything from lawn bags to fuel for your equipment. You will also keep highly recyclable material out of our landfills. If you have a landscaping company helping you, talk to them about ways that recycling clippings and trimmings can improve your yard and lower fees.

Try composting.

Composting is a process of managing organic waste so that it breaks down into a nutrient rich soil additive. You can compost with our without a special bin. You can even compost on a small scale. Learn about composting. It's easy!

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