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Friendly visitors, like butterflies and beneficial insects, will enjoy your landscape if you provide food, water and cover. Maintaining these and other animals populations is vital to a healthy and balanced eco-system. Because Fort Lauderdale is an urban area, every green space counts. No matter how small your landscape -- even on patios and balconies-- you can attract wildlife. 

Plant food.

When choosing plants,think beyond how they look and consider what they produce. Plants make seeds, fruit, nuts, and flowers and are the primary food source for many animals. A variety of native food bearing plants ensures that you are providing the right food for our native wildlife. Use our Native Trees and Plants for Wildlife page, our Find FFL Plants page or our GYR Tree Directory for ideas.

Create "greenways" for animals.

For animals, one of the biggest drawbacks of urban living is that it is hard to get from one green space to another safely. Think about how many animals you see injured or killed on our roadways. Some are victims of car traffic, but others succumb to dehydration because they cannot get to a water source. 

Sometimes, a tiny strip of green connecting one habitat to another can make all the difference. You can create this mini greenway by planting landscaped areas that create natural corridors. for example groupings of plants that will connect to your neighbors' properties. Animals will travel easily and safely from one natural area to another. They will be able to access water and will have a range of territory to meet their needs. 

Participate in our Certified Wildlife Habitat Program.

Through the program, you join hundreds of neighbors throughout the City in beautifying our landscape and in keeping our eco-system in balance.  Learn more by clicking on the buttons at the right.

2014 Certified Wildlife Habitat Sign

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