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Green Your Routine Waste Disposal Directory

The very best way to handle waste in our community is not create it in the first place. Buying just what you need, favoring items with less packaging, and bringing re-usable shopping bags with you makes a huge difference in how much trash we collect and process. Eventually though, things will be used up or worn out or no longer useful to you. Use this directory to determine how to dispose of the things you no longer need. Please keep in mind that many of the things we throw away in a modern society are specialized waste. This includes items that cannot be sent through the traditional recycling or disposal streams because the waste is either hard-to-handle, toxic or hazardous, oversized, dangerous to the public, or regulated in some way. Find detailed instructions for disposal here, or contact City of Fort Lauderdale 24-hour Customer Service for additional assistance. 

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Click Here for Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Gudielines 
Click Here for Oversized Waste Waste Disposal Guidelines 
Click Here for Electronic Waste Disposal Guidelines 
Click Here for Medications & Medical Waste Disposal Guidelines 
Click Here for Gardening Waste Disposal Guidelines 
Click Here for Pet Waste Disposal Guidelines 
Click Here for FOGs Waste Disposal Guidelines 
Click Here for Clothing Disposal Guidelines 
Click Here for Glass Waste Disposal Guidelines 
Click Here for Automotive Waste Disposal Guidelines 
Click Here for Construction & Demolition Debris Disposal Guidelines 
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This City of Fort Lauderdale Waste Disposal Directory is designed to provide easy to follow recommendations for proper disposal of a variety of items commonly used in homes and businesses. In some cases, we may refer to private organizations who are involved in the recycling and reuse industry in our City and elsewhere. Listing in the Waste Disposal Directory is not an endorsement of products, services or organizations, and does not  guarantee their performance. References are provided for information purposes only.

Though we do our best to verify the information provided by processors, City of Fort Lauderdale does not assume any responsibility with respect to what actually happens to your items if you choose to dispose of them via any of the organizations listed here. Information contained in the Waste Disposal Directory may be updated without notice. We cannot warrant the accuracy of the information at all times given that it is updated only as information becomes available to us, nor can we warrant that this information complies with applicable laws or regulations in other jurisdictions outside the City of Fort Lauderdale, unless explicitly stated. Users of the Waste Disposal Directory are therefore cautioned to consult with the respective organizations about their standards and procedures for reusing or recycling items.

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