WELCOME!  Explore our Green Your Routine website and share your feedback and your own green success stories. We hope you will visit often and tell your neighbors. Please note that some of our features are still under construction. We appreciate your patience while we load more content about sustainable Fort Lauderdale.

GYR in Action Map

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See how we are working together towards a sustainable Fort Lauderdale, learn how to get in on the action, and share your success stories.

A lot has happened since we published our City’s first Sustainability Action Plan and asked you to “Green Yourgyr_in_action Routine.”  Some of it has happened through government projects or programs, some of it through private business, neighborhood, school or organization action, and a lot of it through personal initiative.  Together, we have done a great job in laying the foundation for our future.  

It is important to share our successes.   We can learn from each other. 

Our Green Your Routine ACTION Map is a fun and easy tool for seeing our community’s progress towards sustainability. It is a showcase of what we are doing right in Fort Lauderdale, and a way to explore the diversity of approaches. It is also an indicator of our performance towards the goals in our Sustainability Action Plan (SAP).

The Structure of the Map

The map is organized into three layers.  Start with “Get Inspired” to see what is working and to get ideas.  When you are ready to learn more, use “Get Information” to locate places and providers that can teach you how to live, work and play more sustainably or inform you about major projects.  Finally, search “Get Involved” for a myriad of ways to participate in greener living and to help bring our plans to life.


Within each layer, you will see Points of Interest (POI).  Each POI corresponds to a specific location, series of locations, routes or areas.  Each is also correlated to a sustainability goal area: Leadership, Climate, Air Quality, Energy, Water, Built Environment, Natural Environment, Transportation, or Waste Reduction.  The POIs are real places that you can go and visit, and we encourage you to do that.  We have also included a few of our planned developments to keep you updated about their progress and to show you what areas of the City to watch.  When you click, the story behind the point will be displayed and you can click through to access more information online.

Share Your Story

Have you xeriscaped your yard?  Are you installing solar roof panels?  Is your business encouraging telecommuting?  Has your school established a no idling zone?  These are the kinds of things we want to know and share so everyone in Fort Lauderdale can learn and be inspired.  Click on the icons at the top right corner of the map to access instructions, this website, and also the form to share your own story about how you are greening your routine.  The map will be updated regularly, so check back frequently for new stories and to see how Fort Lauderdale’s neighbors are creating a resilient and sustainable Fort Lauderdale.

The Future of the Map

New features will be added to the map as the sophisticated geographic information system technology that it runs upon is enhanced. Future additions may include a mobile version with walking tours, video attachments, and multiple web links from each story.

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