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Bike Sharing

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B-Cycle ButtonBroward B-Cycle is a bike sharing program for residents, workers, and visitors. Bike sharing allows you to have a bicycle when you need it, and to give it back when you don't. There are sharing programs offered by private businesses throughout our region. It is an economical and convenient way to make trips that are too far to walk but too short to drive, and it leaves the bicycle maintenance and storage to someone else!

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B-Cycle is different in that it allows you to pick up a bicycle from one many convenient station locations throughout the County, use the bicycle for as long as you need, and then return it to the same or any other station in the County. B-Cycles can be rented on a single use basis, and also through membership. As a member, you have added conveniences.

Broward B-Cycle opened in December, 2011. In the first year of operation, it helped us burn 3.4 million calories and kept 88,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere. There are now 15 stations in Fort Lauderdale.

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