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Conservation & Efficiency

Conservation  & Efficiency

Fort Lauderdale is a densely populated urban environment.  Our nearly 170,000 residents, over 50,000 residential buildings, 5,300 commercial buildings, 200 educational and medical facilities, and a thriving visitor industry place enormous demands on our electric grid, our fuel stations and our aquifers. With a growing population and business community, demands on precious resources are expected to increase. So too will the impact of consuming all of these resources.  In this section, you can find the information you need to conserve water, energy, fuel and materials, and find out about better ways to purchase the things you need.  Read more…

Water Conservation and Efficiency 
Energy Conservation and Efficiency 
Conservation Pays and Wind energy 
Fuel Conservation and Efficiency 
Fix a Leak Green Vehicles and Rain Barrels 
Material Conservation & ReUse 
Environmentally Conscious Purchasing 
Buying Local 
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