WELCOME!  Explore our Green Your Routine website and share your feedback and your own green success stories. We hope you will visit often and tell your neighbors. Please note that some of our features are still under construction. We appreciate your patience while we load more content about sustainable Fort Lauderdale.

Whether you are visiting from another corner of the globe, or a city nearby, we welcome you to the City of Fort Lauderdale! Enjoy your stay and all that our beautiful city has to offer, especially our unique ecosystem. As you explore, please follow these tips to green your visit routine and help us to preserve our waterways, beaches, green spaces and wonderful wildlife.

Help us to conserve energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

A significant percentage of our buildings are used as hotels or seasonal rentals. So when our guests follow the same simple conservation habits here that they would at home, it makes a huge difference to our City. Please turn off those lights and your television when you leave your hotel room, turn off ceiling fans and close the blinds when you are out, and unplug electronics chargers when you aren't using them.

Join us in conserving water as we prepare for the effects of sea level rise.

Again, the things you can do to help us conserve water, are the same things you would do at home. Turn off the faucets when they are not directly in use. Take only as much ice from the hall machine as you will use. Participate in the hotel conservation programs, such as those for towels. At restaurants, decline water when you won't be drinking it.

Keep Fort Lauderdale clean and beautiful, and safe for native wildlife and other visitors.

Litter is unsightly in all cities, but in our city it can also be very dangerous. Loose litter can blow into our many waterways or be buried into the sand. Marine mammals and fish can mistake that litter for food, causing them injury or death. Beachgoers can accidentally step on litter and be hurt, especially children who play in the sand. Use our many trash and recycling containers, conveniently placed throughout our city on sidewalks, at bus stops, on beaches, in parks and at marinas and activity centers, as well as privately owned venues. Finally, for our guests who smoke, we ask that you be extra careful not to leave cigarette butts on our streets, grassy areas, in the sand or on the water. The tobacco, plastics and chemicals in the butts are extremely harmful to the many marine birds, fish and other native wildlife that you will see in our city.

Park your car and forget it.

Many of Fort Lauderdale's main attractions are in highly walkable areas close to popular hotel districts, so park you car and forget about it while you are here. If you are going a bit further, try our Sun Trolley or grab a B-Cycle. Both are easy ways to connect to other forms of transit.

Be prepared.

Our wet season occurs between June and October, and while you are unlikely to experience heavy rains outside those times, we do recommend that you check your local weather each day. If you will be on the water or at the beach, and we hope that you are, it's also important that you check local tide tables and beach flags so that you are aware of prevailing conditions. Local newspapers, television stations, our city website, and your hotel concierge will have all of this information easily accessible. If you are visiting with us in the summer, and do experience heavy rains which cause flooding, please stay clear of flooded areas and ask for alternate routes. Finally, in the unlikely event of a hurricane watch or warning, follow all instructions provided by local officials.


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