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Climate Resiliency

Climate Resiliency 2

Fort Lauderdale always has been defined by its water and its weather. Yet as much as climate benefits our City, it now presents one of our greatest challenges. Our vision is that as a community “We Are Ready,” and that means proactively addressing challenges. We are proud to be among the nation’s most progressive populations when it comes to climate resiliency. These web pages are designed to answer our neighbors’ call for climate information specific to Fort Lauderdale. Here you will find projections for our region, impacts we can expect and how the City is preparing, innovations being piloted in our area, and what you can do to make a difference. Read More.

Learn the Difference Between Climate and Weather 
Read our Plans for Building a Resilient City 
Flood Zone Kids Climate QA and Heat Island Effect
See how we are managing the Flooplain 
How to Live in Increasingly Higher Temperatures 
Sea Level Rise and Adaptation Action Areas 
Learn about our latest innovations 
Climate Change & You: What You Need to Know and Do 
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