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Rebates & Incentives

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Savings-smPublic and private entities are offering a variety of rebates and incentives to promote sustainable practices.  Some programs offer cash returns, others offer business credits, and still others provide merchandise.  We encourage our neighbors to investigate these opportunities.


City of Fort Lauderdale

Adopt a Tree - Provides a variety of free trees to homeowners to plant in the swale area (the grassy strip between the pavement and the sidewalk) adjacent to their property.

Flood Insurance Discount - As a result of the City's participation in NFIP’s voluntary Community Rating System (CRS), the NFIP offers homeowners a discount on flood insurance premiums each year, which currently reflects a 20% savings for Fort Lauderdale residents

Green Your Routine Sustainability Incentive Grant - Your neighborhood can earn points towards annual cash prizes.

Join In! - Sometimes the best reward is the feeling you get when you give.  We offer lots of opportunities to donate your time to sustainability causes.

Broward County

Conservation Pays - Offers rebates up to $100 for the purchase and installation of toilets which minimize water use.

Go Solar - Offers rebates and other incentives for installation of solar panels.

State of Florida

Incentives for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency


Donate Your Unwanted Items - Local agencies will accept all kinds of items that you no longer need.-- from cars to clothing and everything in between. You'll reduce waste in our community, help neighbors in need and also get a nice Federal tax deduction.

Federal Incentives for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Energy Star - You can save big on your energy bill by taking the practical advice offered on this comprehensive website published by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Green Vehicle Guide - You may qualify for a tax benefit after you purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle.  



Florida Power & Light -- Residential Savings & Rebates 

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