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Design and Construction Manual

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In 2017, the City Commission awarded a contract to Brooks + Scarpa Architects, Inc. (BSA) for the provision of consulting services to produce the Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale Design and Construction Manual (DCM). The DCM describes a set of principles for development of a sustainable and resilient public infrastructure. City staff will use the described tools and techniques in the DCM to design the infrastructure of the future based on the challenges in different neighborhoods. The manual also provides guidelines for developers at the interface between public and private property to create a cohesive public realm. Over a two year period, BSA and their partners have worked collaboratively with input from both internal and external stakeholders to develop the DCM. The DCM addresses issues such as open spaces, streets, lighting, building frontage, trees, utilities and City-owned parcels. It is intended to connect the City’s commitment to resiliency, sustainably engineering practices and current planning documents. The DCM is a tool that can help the City achieve its sustainability and resiliency vision and help communicate its ideals to designers, developers, and neighbors.

Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale Design and Construction Manual


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