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Waterway Clean-up

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 Trash and dock Trash on boat 

Every month our waterway clean-up crew tours Fort Lauderdale’s canals and the New River to rid them of debris. Debris on the water is unsightly and polluting, dangerous to marine life and people, and it can interfere with the navigation of boats and smaller watercraft, such as kayaks and paddleboards. Gathered near sea walls, debris can also be an avenue for water rodents and snakes to come to shore and nest.

City crews use three pontoon boats to collect everything from natural debris, such as palm fronds and coconuts, to small items, like plastic bottles, to larger incredible finds, including even discarded lawn furniture and televisions. Contrary to popular belief, these larger items do not provide the foundation for reef formation, which is a carefully cultivated activity. Larger items tend to leach chemicals, paints and other toxins which are extremely harmful to wildlife, not helpful.

 television tire

Dumping items of any kind into our waterways is illegal. Instead of throwing things into the water, use one of our many convenient services for waste removal.

  • Tree trimmings and fallen fruit or fronds can be placed in your green yard waste cart for pick up.  Please speak with landscaping service providers about spreading lawn clippings on plant beds as mulch or on gathering them up to be composted.
  • Old furniture, tires and other larger items can be placed at the curb for bulk trash pick up the evening prior to scheduled removal.
  • Batteries, electronics and other hazardous items can be taken to one of free and frequent drop off events.  
  • All waste containers should be secured with lids completely closed to prevent contents from blowing out and into the water.
  • And remember, there are numerous charities and other organizations who will take everything from cars to boats and household or lawn items even if they are not in good working order. See our donation page to get started.

There are so many other options for disposing of trash that require minimal effort on your part and do not involve placing garbage in the water.  Let’s keep our waterways as beautiful, healthy and trash-free as possible!

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