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We know that you would not think of throwing trash into your backyard. Our beach is our city's back yard. As neighbors, we all share the beach, and we also share it with local and migrating wildlife and millions of visitors. So we all need to work together to keep it clean.

Fort Lauderdale Beach was the first Blue Wave certified beach in Florida. To maintain certification we advocate preserving the natural beauty of our beaches, and promote seven ethics, including providing for proper waste disposal, exercise, dune protection, visitor safety information, healthy consumption of fish and seafood, spaces for relaxation and especially reading, and respect for the ocean's power. 

Keep reading to find out what the City is doing on a daily basis to keep the beach clean and how you can make your beach routine friendlier for the environment.

 Beach Cleanup 

More Information

Clean Beaches CouncilClean Beaches Coalition

The Clean Beaches Coalition is a "network of coastal organizations and individuals committed to promoting clean, healthy and well managed beaches around the world." They administer the Blue Wave Program, which is our nation's first environmental certification for beaches, and they also run National Clean Beaches Week which is an "earth day for beaches" celebrated in the beginning of each July.

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