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Irrigation Backflow Compliance Survey

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The City of Fort Lauderdale Public Works Department needs your help verifying irrigation backflow prevention assembly at your property.

For the health and safety of our drinking water, the installation and certification of a backflow prevention assembly is required for the dedicated irrigation service connection according to the State of Florida Administrative Code (Chapter 62-555.360) and City of Fort Lauderdale Municipal Code of Ordinances (Chapter 28-153, 28-155). Backflow prevention assemblies will prevent cross-connection events (back pressure, back siphonage) from occurring and creating a hazar to the municipal drinking water system.

 Type of backflow (PVB, AVB, RPZ, other), make, model, and serial number if available, or select “No”, if there is currently no irrigation backflow prevention assembly at the property.  Scroll to bottom of this page to view example pictures of the different types of Backflows.

Please correct the field(s) marked in red below:

Property address at Service Connection:
Property address at Service Connection:
Property “Account Number” (listed on the notice sent by the City)?
Backflow Prevention Assembly
Backflow Prevention Assembly
If yes, date of last test:


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I’d like to request an inspection at the Property Address above. 
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    For general questions, or to schedule a courtesy inspection, please contact Environmental Inspector Malvis Campbell at 954-828-7728 or email


    Examples of AVBs (Air Vacuum Breakers):

    AVB1AVB2 AVB3Backflow1 Backflow2AVB6 AVB7



    Examples of PVBs (Pressure Vacuum Breakers):

     PVB1 PVB2



    Examples of RPZs (Reduced Pressure Zone):







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