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Tree Give-a-ways and Programs


Tree Giveaway TruckThinking about buying a new tree for your yard?  Before you buy, stop by one of the City's multiple tree give-away events. Fort Lauderdale has three separate programs which each provide residents with Florida-friendly trees for free.

Why would the City spend money on providing trees free of charge to residents?  It's simple!  The more people we have planting trees, the more people we have working to achieve our goal of 23.6% canopy cover in the City by 2018. Expanding our urban canopy and maintaining the health of our tree population is a top priority. Trees are one of our major lines of defense against the damage from greenhouse gas emissions and the heat island effect.  Canopy cover cools our streets, cleanses our air, expands wildlife habitats, prevents soil erosion to help manage our floodplain, and beautifies our City.

We invite our neighbors to participate in any or all of the programs listed here. Neighbors, please remember to bring your proof of residency to all events.

Save-a-Tree Plant-a-Tree

Save a Tree LogoThis innovative program merges environmental protection and resource savings by offering free trees to Fort Lauderdale customers who switch to paper-free utility billing, either through automatic bill payment or e-billing. Customers can receive up to two trees which can be picked up during program specific events. Trees provided are Florida-friendly/adapted to Florida’s climate, are not invasive, and require minimal water, chemicals and fertilizers. Please note that this program will officially end on June 3rd, 2019 and no additional applications will be accepted on or after this date. For additional information on the program and the final pick-up event date please click on the program logo at left.


Adopt a Tree

Old Tree

Through the Adopt-a-Tree Program, the City is able to form a partnership with concerned neighbors to improve our city streets. Fort Lauderdale, through the Parks and Recreation Department, will provide a variety of trees to homeowners to plant in the swale area (the grassy strip between the pavement and the sidewalk) adjacent to their property. The neighbor must then plant the tree and care for it. Fort Lauderdale homeowners who are interested in participating, can get more information and complete an application by clicking on the photo at right.


Quarterly Tree Giveaways

Tree Giveaway TruckThe City of Fort Lauderdale hosts a number of tree giveaways each year, whether as stand-alone events or in tandem with other City, neighborhood or celebratory events. The goal of these events is to encourage tree planting and to increase the number and variety of tree species in our urban canopy. Trees provided free to residents include flowering and fruiting varieties. Please check our calendar for the latest scheduled dates, or click on the photo at left.  Proof of residency is required to participate in tree giveaways.


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