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Residential Yard Waste Collection

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The City of Fort Lauderdale provides residential collection of yard waste materials generated from your property. Service is provided once per week. Working with our contracted hauler, we make every effort to ensure that your yard waste is recycled responsibly and used to make products such as mulch.

Routes and Schedules

Please check our Property Information Reporter to determine you scheduled collection day. Please be sure to set out your cart by 7am and to position it at least four feet away from other carts or objects. 

How to Use Your Cart

Please follow these guidelines for using your green, 95-gallon cart. 

What is ALLOWED in the green yard waste cart?

  • Leaves, grass, and plant clippings
  • Branches and twigs
  • Flowers, weeds, and roots
  • Palm fronds (must be trimmed to fit inside the cart with the lid closed)
  • Christmas trees (must be trimmed to fit inside the cart with the lid closed)

What is NOT ALLOWED in the green yard waste cart?

  • Garbage and recyclable materials (i.e., glass, cans, newspaper, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste of any kind (i.e., paint, chemicals, oil, etc.)
  • Paint or any other liquids (i.e., oil, gas, acid, chlorine, etc.)
  • Carpet, furniture, appliances and other household goods. (Donate these please)
  • Construction debris (i.e., concrete, sand, brick, rock, etc.)
  • Fruit or vegetables from your yard should be placed in your black garbage cart.

Items that are too large for your yard waste cart should be recycled using the monthly Bulk Trash Program. To learn more about proper disposal of garden waste, flower pots and other green materials, visit our Green Your Routine Waste Directory.

Cart Set Out

Please make every attempt to contain your yard waste to the cart and to close the cart lid. Cut down large branches if necessary. When greenery hangs out of the cart, there is a risk that it will fall or blow out as the cart is being tipped into the truck. Greenery left in the street can be dangerous to traffic and can clog storm drains.

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