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Yard Waste CartTree trimmings should be disposed of in your green yard waste cart.  Cut large pieces down to fit in the green cart so that the lid closes completely.

If you have oversized branches and limbs that cannot be cut down, or if you run out of space in your green cart, you may set out these oversized pieces for bulk waste collection. Please keep all greenery separate from other bulk waste. Please check our bulk waste guidelines to ensure that your overall set-out does not exceed allowable cubic yards of waste.

Our Urban Forester encourages you to ensure the health of your trees by becoming educated about proper tree trimming. If you are unsure of how to trim your trees, please use the services of a professional and certified arborist or tree trimmer. When using a professional firm, inquire about hauling away the trimmings. It is standard industry practice to provide this service to customers.

From time to time, the City of Fort Lauderdale, power companies, cable providers, or approved vendors may perform tree trimming in the right-of-way.  All trimmings from this activity should be cleared and hauled away.  If you find trimmings and branches from this activity on your property, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service.

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