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What & How to Recycle in Fort Lauderdale's Multi-Family Buildings

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You should be able to recycle in your apartment the same items as our neighbors who live in homes. The only limitations may be:

  • If your property offers single stream recycling you can mix all of your recyclable together, but if not, then you will have to separate paper from other recyclables. Most buildings do offer single-stream recycling at this time.
  • If your recycling is sent down a chute system, you may have difficulty fitting certain larger recyclables, such as cardboard boxes. Please check with building or property management to determine where they should be placed.
  • Because your recycling bins are shared, they will become full very quickly.  Please separate caps and lids so that you can crush the air out of plastic and paper containers. This save space in the dumpster and in the truck.
  • Please also be respectful of your neighbors who live near the container. Keep your recycling clean. Rinse plastic, glass and metal recyclables. And, remember, no food in the recycling containers please!

Access information on What and How to Recycle, or download and print our Recycling Quick Reference Guide.

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