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Debris Collections Following a Hurricane or Storm

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Once a major storm has passed, the City of Fort Lauderdale's response plan includes the following tasks:

  • Assess all areas of City of Fort Lauderdale to determine the amount of damage, debris and hardest hit areas            
  • Set up temporary debris management sites   
  • Deployment of specialized storm debris collection equipment   
  • Emergency collection of storm debris within 70 hours after the storm allowing for emergency access        
  • Collection of storm-related debris placed to the right-of-way
  • Re-establishing normal household garbage, yard waste and recycling collections

FEMA's Public Assistance Grant Program mission is:

"To provide supplemental financial assistance to state, local and tribal governments, and certain private non-profit organizations for response and recovery activities required as the result of a declared disaster."

FEMA requires to complete all emergency work such as Debris Removal and Emergency Protective Measures within 6 months after a declared disaster. 

FEMA allows the implementation of the following processes within the first 70 hours after a declared disaster:

  • Emergency road clearance following disaster
  • Prioritize routes based on emergency services, access to hospitals and restoration of transportation for supplies and logistics

The City of Fort Lauderdale has contracts in place for debris removal and collections monitoring to ensure fast recovery. These contracts meet FEMA eligibility criteria.

According to FEMA’s Public Assistance Grant Program Guidelines, debris removal is eligible for reimbursement when:

  • It eliminates an immediate threat to life, health, and safety
  • It eliminates an immediate threat of significant damage to improved property
  • It ensures the economic recovery of the community and provides a benefit for the community-at-large

The City of Fort Lauderdale will start collecting debris from residential areas after all emergency service routes are accessible.

After the hurricane or storm has passed, keep your household garbage, recycling, yard waste and/or construction storm debris in separate piles. Our primary goal is to clear our roads and neighborhoods of storm debris. We will collect each type of debris separately, when possible, unless an imminent threat to health and safety exists.

All residents must follow these set of instructions for the disposal of garbage, yard waste and storm-related construction debris.


  • Securely containerize all household garbage (kitchen waste) in plastic bags or cart to be placed curbside on your scheduled day.

Yard Waste:

  • Place yard waste inside your “Green” cart for regular curbside pickup on your scheduled day. Large quantities of storm related yard waste should be placed alongside the curb, with trees and branches separated into easily manageable lengths and quantities.  
Storm-Related Debris (Bulk, white goods, wood):


  • Debris should be staged separately by type along the right-of-way.
  • Do not bag debris; only loose debris will be collected.
  • Do not mix household hazardous wastes or white goods with any of the other staged debris types.
  • Do not place any debris near or on a fence, mailbox, power-lines equipment, poles, transformers, downed electrical wiring, water meters, fire hydrants or storm drains. Large quantities of debris may require the use of mechanical claw equipment that will require room to operate safely. 

What type of disaster-related debris is eligible for removal?

  • Vegetative 
  • Hazardous Trees, Limbs and Stumps
  • Soil, Mud & Sand
  • Electronics
  • Construction and Demolition
  • Putrescent Debris
  • White goods
  • Vessels 
  • Vehicles 
  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Biological, chemical radiological and nuclear contaminated debris.


INELIGIBLE Debris Removal


Collection crews will not enter your private property to collect debris. There will be no collection of large quantities of any kind of debris on private roads, commercial property, mobile home parks, apartments/condos and in gated communities unless properties are included in the FEMA declaration and comply with all requirements under FEMA’s Public Assistance Grant Program. Learn more.

Where I can find more information?

Please look for media notices. Use our website to find out when your storm-related debris such as white goods, bulk items, electronics, tires and furniture will be collected. Refrigerators, freezer and other appliances must be emptied of all contents prior to collection.

Contact the City of Fort Lauderdale Customer Services Center at 954-828-8000 or visit for updates on your collection services.

We ask all residents to be our partners in restoring our city to its pre-storm state. Your cooperation and support enables us to complete the entire process in the quickest, safest and most efficient manner possible. We will provide regular updates on the progress of debris collection through our Public information office and on our website. 

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