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Caring for Your Cart

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All solid waste carts are property of the City of Fort Lauderdale, and they are entrusted to you for as long as you reside here.  Please take care of them so that we can provide you with excellent service.  Here are a few guidelines:

Report damage immediately.  Broken wheels and lids are easy to fix and can often been done on site.  Please call our 24-hour Customer Service as soon as you notice any problems with your cart.  We will send someone out to repair it.  If it cannot be repaired, your cart will be replaced.  Please do not attempt to use alternative containers. Our automated trucks will not be able to lift them.  If your cart is not in service, simply wait for the next collection day after it is repaired or replaced.

Maintain the cleanliness of your cart.  Your cart has moving parts.  It will roll easily and close completely if it is maintained properly.  From time to time as you see fit, you may wash your cart using a mild, phosphate-free soap and water.  Do not use wire brushes, as they can scratch the surface.

Treat your cart as you would any borrowed item.  Please treat your cart with respect.  

  • Do not kick it, throw it, stand on it, or use it for any other purpose other than for holding solid waste.  
  • Do not fill your cart with water (though rinsing to keep it clean is a good idea).  
  • Do not place flammable items in your cart, nor use it to hold a fire.
  • Do not use it as a form of transportation or as a toy.

Do not paint your cart.  Our collection drivers identify the type of waste in your cart by the color of your cart.  If you change the color of your cart, we don't know which truck should tip it.  If you would like to identify your cart as belonging to your residence, then please use the specially marked space on the lid's in-mold label to write your house number.

Do not write your name on the cart.  Carts are expensive!  We plan to use each cart a minimum of 10 years and hopefully more.  When people move in and out of their homes, we may collect carts and redistribute them.  Therefore, any identifying information other than your house number is unnecessary, may cost the City to remove and may cause the cart to be pulled from service.  Again, use the specially marked spaced on the lid to write just your house number.

Do not use your cart as a personal dolly or wheelbarrow.  Your cart has a weight limit and is designed to hold only solid waste.  Please do not use it to move furniture or objects.


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