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Bring Us to Your Next Meeting

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There are 150 pages of information in this Recycling & Waste Reduction section. That's a lot of information to process and remember! We can help.

No matter the type of meeting or educational environment, if you live in the City or run a business here, we are available to assist you with understanding the world of solid waste. Simply contact our Solid Waste Coordinator at (954) 828-5054 to discuss your needs. We can present at:

  • Homeowner's association or condominium board meetings
  • Neighborhood get-togethers
  • In the classroom, at after-school sessions, or at camps
  • Business team meetings
  • Charitable organization or volunteer group sessions

We'll tailor our presentation to your environment and situation, with a focus on how we can all work together to reach the goals to reduce overall waste, recycle 75% of total waste by 2020, prevent stormwater pollution, and safely dispose of hazardous waste.

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