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10 Steps for Getting Started with Commercial Recycling

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Sometimes, recycling in a commercial establishment can be difficult due to space restrictions, employee or customer cooperation, or other limitations.  But where there's a will, there's a way!  These resources will help provide you with information about how to implement a successful recycling program. Here's how to get started.

City Recycling Fact

  1. Complete a waste audit. Observe the amount and types of waste that your company generates over specific time periods. Calculate this waste in pounds or tons as appropriate. Analyze your waste by business process and by location. Determine your current rate of recycling for each.
  2. Research ways to reduce waste and increase recycling in all aspects of your operations. Explore the resources we provide on our main Commercial Recycling page, and also reach out to industry associations.
  3. Develop a plan for reducing waste and recycling more. Set specific, measurable, actionable, realistic goals and set a timeframe for achieving them. Incorporate monitoring of your recycling into you performance measurement system.
  4. Contact your suppliers and discuss incorporating recyclables into the products you purchase, or trying substitute products. Also discuss buy-back or credit programs they may offer for returning unused goods or packaging / shipment materials.
  5. Consider utilizing technology to reduce waste overall. Recalibrating machines may help to reduce waste. Switching to a digital format may too. 
  6. Look at your business facility like a home. Read through our information on How and What to Recycle as well as how to handle Hazardous Waste. Look for opportunities in your facility to apply these guidelines.
  7. Provide the recycling containers that your employees and customers will need and place them in the most convenient locations. Contract with an experienced, licensed recycling hauler if you don't already have one.
  8. Communicate to your employees about your recycling goals, how they support your City and your business, and train employees about all the different types of waste that your company can recycle.
  9. Generate excitement about recycling. Make it fun and rewarding for employees and customers.
  10. Share your success stories. Tell us about your successes, publish your results in annual reports, crow about it on social media. Studies show that customers and employees are more loyal to businesses that engage in socially responsible activities.

You will see this poster handing in City offices all around Fort Lauderdale.

Recycling Poster Not Alot of Work

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