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America Recycles Day

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America Recycles Day is an annual, nationwide celebration of our success in reducing waste.  Each year, on November 15, cities, businesses, schools and other organizations around the United States offer educational opportunities and commemorative events dedicated to recycling, reuse, upcycling and anything related to conserving material resources.  As funding permits, the City of Fort Lauderdale hosts, sponsors or participates in American Recycles Day events.  Please check our calendar for updated information.

More Information

These sources can help you plan your own celebration or find one in our area.

America Recycles Day Logo 

America Recycles Day

The national event site offers a toolkit for running your own event, and a listing of events you can join. As part of the event, you can have participants Take the Recycling Pledge. A new feature of the site offers fun infographics for use in the classroom, in your neighborhood, in your office or anywhere you want to increase recycling.



Florida Department of Environmetnal Protection LogoFlorida America Recycles Day

The FDEP offers resources mostly directed at schools from the K-12 level through universities. There is also a way to connect to events hosted all over Florida, and to get ideas from previous events.

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