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Keep Fort Lauderdale Beautiful

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Help keep our City beautiful!  It's easy to do.  Controlling litter makes a good impression on visitors, protects our wildlife, keeps City service costs low, and can even prevent a flat tire.  

Think before you toss.  If you are out and about in Fort Lauderdale, you will find garbage and recycling containers at parks, bus stops, on the beach, and on many public walkways.  If you happen to be where we have not yet installed a container, please take your waste with you before it becomes litter. 

Find some litter, pick it up... It may not bring you good luck, but it will make you feel good.  Picking up litter when you see it is a neighborly thing to do, sets a great example for our children, and is an act of community service.  We thank you.

Close dumpster and cart lids.   Not all litter is purposefully tossed on the street.  Some blows there out of unsecured containers.  Please make sure you carts and dumpsters are closed completely and tightly each and every day.  If you cannot close the lid, consider holding back some of the waste for the next collection day.  If you routinely overfill your container, consider upsizing or adding another.  Contact our Customer Service our your private hauler.

Adopt-a-Street.  Clubs, religious organizations, schools, neighborhoods and other groups can lend a hand by adopting a street of their choice.  Contact our Neighbor Support Office for more information.

Volunteer. There are many opportunities to help prevent litter in our City.  From waterway and beach cleanups to promoting recycling, we can always use your help.  Contact our Neighbor Support Office for more information.

Learn More.  We partner at the state and national level to tackle many of the issues we face.  Litter is no different.  Please visit these weblinks to get more information.

Keep America Beautiful LogoKeep America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful (KAB) is the nation’s leading nonprofit that brings people together to build and sustain vibrant communities. Their network of community-based affiliates works with millions of volunteers who take action in their communities to transform public spaces into beautiful places.  KAB works closely with governors, mayors and other local government and community leaders, including state recycling organizations.  Since 1953 they have been creating memorable anti-litter campaigns including "Don't Be a Litter Bug!" and the "Crying Indian."  They're website has resources for starting your own group's initiatives and has information on national and local events.



Keep Florida Beautiful LogoKeep Florida Beautiful

Keep Florida Beautiful is a public-private partnership which engages and educates citizens, visitors and communities to improve Florida through litter prevention, increased recycling and beautification efforts. Broward County is a local affiliate.


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