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Recycling at Events

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Temporary Recycling Containers being set for an event

It is easy to recycle when you know there is a collection cart or bin available and where that container is.  Because events are temporary and often impromptu, it is uncertain how available or convenient recycling will be.  Yet the importance of recycling at events cannot be overlooked. This is especially true because most of the waste at events is beverage containers.  Almost 100% of these are recyclable.  Not recycling them is a lost opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment and to bring economic benefit to our City.

You will find recycling containers at all City of Fort Lauderdale sponsored events, as well as at all events conducted at City venues.  When you register to hold your event, a Parks and Recreation employee will be available to answer your questions about recycling and waste reduction.  For your convenience, special event recycling carts and cardboard containers can be located around the event grounds, if permanent containers are not available or do not provide enough capacity.


Kids with Rolling bins at Starlight

Recycle right from your seat!

At some of our events you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your lawn chair or picnic blanket to recycle. Our Green Your Routine Volunteers staff events like our Bank of America Starlight Musicals.  Throughout the night, volunteers circulate to collect your recyclables, and earn money for their HOAs while doing so.

Kids can get involved too. At some events, you will see them with rolling recycle wagons.  When they pass by, toss in your plastic, glass and metal beverage containers and your paper goods (unless soaked through with food) and know that you are doing a good thing for our City and contributing to the fun. Kids love helping us, and we reward them if we can.  Kids who collect recycling at events can turn in their collections for promotional items (pending availability) made from recycled materials, such as pencils made from recycled money, glow in the dark Frisbees, and even t-shirts made from recycled bottles.  

Visit Us Often 

While you are at our events, always look for the Green Your Routine information booth to get information about what and how to recycle, becoming a Certified Wildlife Habitat, preventing pollution at home, conserving water, and other actions you can take to make our City a sustainable one.  We often give away useful items, such as reusable bags and leak detection tablets, so visit us often!

Tell Us How You Green Your Events

Fort Lauderdale’s neighborhoods, led by Green Your Routine Volunteers, are setting great examples for the rest of us.  They’re including recycling when they plan local ceremonies, parties, picnics and holiday celebrations.   Some are even holding events to emphasize the importance of recycling, such as neighborhood “white elephant” exchanges.  We'd love to hear about your events.  Please share your success stories.

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