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Residential Garbage Collection

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Republic truckThe City of Fort Lauderdale provides residential garbage collection service twice per week to dispose of household trash. Services are provided by Republic Services. You can learn more about your collection services by reading the Frequently Asked Questions  

Routes and Schedules

Garbage is collected twice per week. Collections begin at 7 am and end by 6 pm. To determine your pickup days, use the Property Information Reporter tool. From time to time, weather or holidays may create schedule changes. You can always find the latest schedule information right here on these pages.

How to Use Your Cart 

Your 65-gallon, black garbage cart is designed for household garbage and food waste only. Please do not place the following items in your black cart. Instead, use the hyperlinks below to learn about proper and safe disposal.

While clothing and books are permitted in the carts, utilizing the garbage is not the best means of disposal for those items. Donating these items to a local charity is a great alternative!

Please wash carts regularly with a mild, phosphate-free soap and water to keep them clean and odor free. Never wash any soap down a storm drain.

Set Out Guidelines                   

  • Place your carts out the night before your scheduled pickup to avoid missing early morning collection. Trucks may circulate your neighborhood as early as 7am.
  • Put garbage in bags before putting it in the cart to help prevent litter.
  • Garbage left beside carts will not be picked up. Automated collection equipment cannot access it. 

Garbage                                            garbage 1  

    Proper Set Out                                                                          Improper Set Out     


For more information, please call the City of Fort Lauderdale 24-Hour Customer Service Center at 954-828-8000 or access Lauderserv.

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