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Biomedical Waste Disposal

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Biomedical wastes include any liquid or solid waste that may present a threat of infection to humans. These are usually encountered in the care of medical patients or young children, but can be generated from routine wound care. In the hospital, medical office, or pharmacy environment, biomedical waste is disposed of following strict guidelines.  

If you will be encountering biomedical waste in the home environment, you should familiarize yourself with the proper management of the waste. Blood and other body fluids from humans, syringes, needles, clothing, towels, rags, sheets, gloves, plastic bags, and any objects soiled with blood or other body fluids, should NEVER be disposed of in recycling or yard waste carts. Proper disposal may require using special drop locations, or may require preparing the items before disposal in your trash. Disposal of radioactive materials, such as those generated in the care of oncology or endocrinology patients, requires special disposal steps.

We cannot accept biomedical waste of any kind at our collection boxes nor at our drop off events. Please discuss proper disposal with your doctor or pharmacist, and consult this resource.

Learn more about the proper disposal of Biomedical Waste.

For more information call Broward County at (954) 467-4700 Ext 4202, or contact City of Fort Lauderdale 24-hour Customer Service.

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