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Publicizing Your Recycling Program

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One of the keys to lowering your solid waste management costs is to reduce your community's garbage and increase its clean recycling. You can provide the containers and dumpsters, but if tenants do not use them, then you will not achieve your cost objectives. You can do three things to increase involvement in recycling:

Educate Everyone 

  • Assign Recycling Ambassadors for each building or each floor. These individuals can help spread the word. It is often the perfect job for students who need community service hours.
  • Provide feedback on the progress the property is making. Don't keep the numbers to yourself. Create a progress chart to post in a central area or to add to your newsletter or website. Each month when the hauler sends you reports, pass on that information.
  • Create an addendum on the lease that is dedicated to waste disposal and recycling, and add information about recycling to your tenant's rights and responsibilities.
  • Run an orientation meeting for all staff (at security, in the office, at the pool, in maintenance, etc.). Enlist their assistance in educating residents about recycling, and make sure that they are recycling on property too.

Provide Incentives

  • Valet style collection ideaProvide residents with indoor containers or special bags for staging and transporting their recyclables to the central collection area.  If you would like to purchase our Green Your Routine shopping bags for this purpose, please contact our Solid Waste and Recycling Coordinator at (954) 828-8000.
  • Assist older residents and those requiring physical assistance with transporting recyclables to the collection point.
  • Get involved and get promotional materials from America Recycles Day (November 15 each year). Your residents can sign on and Take the Pledge, or you can register your community as a business and pledge.
  • Offer incentives, such as a pool party or free use of typically fee-based amenities, if the community can increase recycling rates and reduce garbage by specified percentages.

Communicate with your Hauler

  • Utilize the resources of your hauler. They will often provide educational materials, indoor bins and promotional give-aways free of charge.
  • If you do not receive or understand your monthly reports, ask for assistance.


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