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Waste Services in Severe Weather

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Sever weather presents special challenges for solid waste removal, but your City is prepared. Our Solid Waste Program Manager works closely with Emergency Managers to ensure that we are ready before a storm and able to provide essential services after.

Service Disruptions

You can be assured consistent solid waste collection or removal from our haulers and our staff all year long. Normal heavy rainfall and moderate winds should not disrupt service. On the rare occasion when a street may be blocked, we will work with our haulers to re-route trucks and with our Public Information Office to get essential scheduling information to those neighbors who service may be affected. Our Customer Service Center is also available by phone or online 24-hours per day.

Our general guideline is that collection crews remain on the streets and in service until wind speeds reach 30mph. At that point, for the safety of all concerned, crews are notified to return to their depots. 

Hurricane Season Service 

In the event of more severe weather, please monitor this website and local news for instructions. 

Before Hurricane Season Begins

  • Thin out tree branches to allow wind to pass through. Cut down coconuts. Use your green yard waste cart for branches, fruit and other green debris.
  • Empty your garage, shed or other storage area so that you have room to store items that may need to be brought inside.  Donate unwanted items. Take advantage of curbside bulk trash service. Attend one of our hazardous waste drop-off events. The more you can empty out before the season starts, the safer your home will be in the event of a storm.
  • If you plan to be away for all or part of the hurricane season, please pull your blue, black and green carts inside for storage. If you do not have a place to store your carts inside, and you will be away for an extended period of time, you may arrange for a vacation stop of your solid waste collection service. Contact Customer Service for more information,

Under a Hurricane Watch or Hurricane Warning

  • Do not hold back waste. Set your carts out early on your scheduled collection day so that you do not miss pick up. After your scheduled day, do not place anything further at the curb until the storm passes.
  • Test flashlights and other battery operated items. Replace batteries. Collect old batteries in a bag to be taken at a later time to one of our Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Events.
  • Refill or exchange propane tanks

For additional information on storms and Hurricane Preparedness, visit our Emergency Management webpage.

During a Storm

  • Stay inside. Do not attempt to secure anything that was left outside or blown your way. Your personal safety is most important.
  • If the power goes out, try to keep the refrigerator and freezer closed to minimize food waste.

After a Storm

Monitor local news and this website for important information.  Please wait for Emergency Managers to announce that it is safe to go outside.  Depending upon the severity of the storm, and the amount of debris in the public space, regular solid waste collection service will resume as soon as possible.  

In the event that the Federal government or State of Florida declares a state of emergency for our area, FEMA crews would be brought in to assist with debris removal. Under that circumstance, the priority would be to clear access for emergency vehicles and for crews working to restore essential services such as electricity and water. Protocols for emergency management would be followed. More information regarding how those affect solid waste services would be delivered at that time.

In the event that an official state of emergency is not declared, it is the homeowner's or building owner's responsibility to clear debris and set it out for normal collection. After a storm, if your yard waste exceeds that which fits into your green cart, we ask that you use the cart for small debris and set larger branches next to the cart.

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