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Commercial Recycling

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As a business in the City of Fort Lauderdale, you have a waste management system in place.  But did you know that by recycling common items you could reduce your waste disposal costs by up to 40%?  Reducing waste by recycling is a great way to improve your company’s bottom line.

Business Waste ButtonCommercial recycling is voluntary in Fort Lauderdale, meaning that at this time there is no ordinance in place requiring businesses to contract with a recycling hauler. However, because recovered materials have value, and because there is a fee for disposing of garbage, it is in your best interest to recycle as much as you can in all phases of your business. Recycling in the supply side of your business reduces the cost of goods sold. In the distribution and sales phase, recycling increases customer loyalty, can differentiate your brand, and can also lower the cost of sales.

Commercial recycling can be part of your business' overall Sustainable Materials Management strategy to reduce the environmental impact of the materials you use throughout their entire life cycle from extraction, through production, to distribution, usage, and ultimately disposal.

Federal and state agencies offer a variety of resources to help you determine how recycling can support your business strategy. More information can be found on the following websites.

US Environmental Protection Agency LogoThe U.S.EPA offers an extensive array of resources to assist companies with beginning recycling or expanding it. They also can help link businesses with each other in supplier-buyer relationships for recyclable items. This webpage offers links to over two dozen general recycling tools and resources. Their webpage on Waste Exchanges offers businesses opportunities to enter national, state, and regional markets for buying and selling reusable and recyclable commodities. Finally, their Rethink Recycling webpage has detailed information on how to implement a Sustainable Materials Management Program. 



Florida Department of Environmetnal Protection LogoThe Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Commercial and Institutional Recycling webpage offers a wide variety of information, tools and incentives to help Florida businesses get involved in the "75% by 2020" recycling goal. Their webpage offers general advice as well as tips for a variety of industries. They offer Re-Trac, which is a tool to help businesses track their recycling results, and also a program which can earn them recognition. Finally, FDEP's Recycling Business Assistance Center can assist in the development of markets for recyclable materials. 

SBA LogoThe U.S. Small Business Administration offers recycling and waste reduction tips targeted to independent businesses.




Rethink Recycling LogoThe State of Minnesota, which recently began requiring recycling in the commercial sector, offers a range of useful tools for businesses.  VIsit their Rethink Recycling Business Guide to find How-To Guides for reducing and recycling everything from food to paper, as well as information for certain industries.

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