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e-Waste Step-by-Step

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Recycling Old KeyboardsRecycling e-Waste can be convenient. Follow these easy steps and you'll be keeping e-Waste out of our landfills without having to run a special errand every time you have something to dispose. 

  1. Form a new habit:   Get in the routine of staging small items. Keep a specially labeled bag in a convenient location, such as your household laundry area or bathroom cabinet, your office copy room, or your school office.  Whenever an appliance or battery reaches the end of its useful life.  Simply toss it in the bag, instead of in your garbage cart.  When the bag is full, or when you see a drop event advertised, just take it along to empty.  Then start the process all over again. 
  2. Locate the appropriate drop site for each type of e-Waste. See the chart below, or specialized pages accessible in the menu on the left of this page.
  3. Reap the rewards!  Don’t forget to get your product discounts, donation receipts, or replacement products as applicable!  Many vendors will offer a few dollars off or give you a coupon for dropping e-waste with them.  This is because they are going to sell that e-waste to a recycler who will pay them for it and strip out the valuable parts. The rest, often plastic, might be melted down and recycled. 
Item What to Do 
Working electronics (All) Donate to a local charity, school, hospital or other organization.
Non-working electronics (general home use) Donate to organizations which utilize them for repair instruction, or bring them to one of our HHW events.
Small items (such as cell phones, batteries, ink cartridges) Drop in specially marked boxes that you see at specialized vendors around town (often earning you a discount on new products). Check sub-pages for specific recommendations.  Or, bring them to our HHW events.
Electric powered items removed during remodeling (such as lighting, fans, appliances) Check with local charitable home-building organizations to see if they can be re-used.  Contact City of Fort Lauderdale Neighbor Services to see if they are needed for our Adopt-a-Neighbor program.  Bring all others to one of our HHW events.
Business equipment (such as photocopy machines) If the equipment is working, consider donating it to a local charity, school, hospital or other organization that can use it.  If it is not working, we recommend contacting ARC Broward Electronics Recycling Services.


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