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Please Don't Recycle These!

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The City of Fort Lauderdale earns income for each load of clean recyclables delivered to our processing plant. This income offsets the cost of providing sanitation services in our City.  We earn less for contaminated loads. The following are the top contaminants. 

Do Not Recycle

  1. Food.  Whole, part or just the stuff that sticks.  Keep it all away from your recyclables please.  That includes liquids.  Especially greasy liquids.  For more on food waste, click here.
  2. Plastic bags or anything that looks or feels like a plastic bag, such as dry cleaning covers and disposal gloves.  
  3. Polystyrene foam or similar products, such as packing peanuts and foam drink cups. Learn more about foam here.
  4. Unrecyclable glass, such as mirrors, windows, china and other dishware, and knick-knacks. Learn more about glass here.
  5. Hazardous Waste.  For information on proper disposal of hazardous waste (everything from batteries to medication), click here.
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