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Televisions, Computers & Monitors

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Televisions, computers and monitors are electronic waste and should be handled according to general guidelines for disposal of electronic waste. Like many electronics, items with monitors or screens contain cathode ray tubes and chemicals that can be harmful to our health and the environment if those are disposed improperly. In the City of Fort Lauderdale, you have four options for disposing of televisions, computers and monitors:

  1. Donate the item to charity. Working items will be put to good use, items that can be repaired provide training opportunities and work for those in our community, and even broken items beyond repair can generate some profit for charities.
  2. Bring it to one of our Hazardous Waste Drop-off Events, and we will transfer it to an electronics recycler.
  3. Take your old, unwanted or broken items directly to a reputable electronics recycler. There you can be assured that any harmful chemicals are handled properly and will not pollute our air and water. In addition, recycling these items generates plastic, glass, copper wiring, and precious metals that can be sold and re-used. Recyclers will also donate working items if feasible, and some offer pick-up service for large quantities, business equipment and oversized items.
  4. Utilize a manufacturer recycling option. Many electronics manufacturers will take back televisions and computers.   

Manufacturer ecyclingSome junk haulers will also remove oversized items, such as old television units.  Before contracting with any hauler, please inquire about whether and how they recycle your old electronics.


However, before you explore any of these options, keep in mind that you may be able to re-use the item yourself. 

  • Separate monitors from other components. Monitors, like keyboards and mice, generally have a longer useful life than the processing units with which they are used. Often you can replace only one component of your computer, and keep the rest.
  • Think about your old monitor as a new upgrade. In these days of smaller computers and tablets, it is often a treat to see things on a big screen. Instead of scrapping your old monitor, why not keep it to use with those smaller devices.
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