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FuelIn the City of Fort Lauderdale our goals are to increase fuel efficiency and decrease fuel usage over time. While we are on the way to those goals, there may be times when disposal of fuel is necessary. Fuel is a highly toxic substance which can be dangerously harmful to humans, plant life and wildlife if it enters our groundwater or waterways. Fuel is also highly flammable and must be stored and disposed of properly to prevent fire. 

Remember, it is dangerous and illegal to place any oil wastes, dangerous substances or hazardous material for garbage collection. (Code of Ordinances Article I Sec. 24-25). Please follow these guidelines instead.

  • Use approved specialty containers for the storage and transport of fuel. It is far better to fill machinery and vehicles on demand, that is take them to a filling station and fill them when they are empty. However, if you prefer to keep fuel on hand, please utilize only containers manufactured specially for fuel storage. These provide you appropriate labeling and closures.
  • Label fuel containers clearly.
  • Store fuel in a cool, dry location away from other flammables.
  • Never pour unused fuel down any household drain, exterior drain or storm drain. Fuel can ignite even if it is mixed with water.
  • Never pour fuel or place fuel containers in our waterways. Fuel can ignite, start fires in natural areas and parks, create hazards for neighborhoods and businesses, and kill wildlife.

All unused, unwanted fuel should be brought to a City of Fort Lauderdale Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off event.

For disposal of propane and other flammables, which are also hazardous waste, please click here.


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