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Keeping Fort Lauderdale clean and beautiful is everyone's job. The services and containers we provide in public spaces are designed to make that job easy. Our Solid Waste Program Manager partners with our Parks & Recreation Department to:

  • Collect waste from public space garbage and recycling containers at parks, community recreation centers, the beach, bus stops and on sidewalks;
  • Install, inventory and maintain all public space waste containers;
  • Sweep streets and control litter;
  • Comb beaches to remove trash and cigarette butts, and to collect seaweed for composting;
  • Coordinate clean-up events run by Keep America Beautiful, its affiliates or other entities, as well as waterway clean-up events sponsored by various agencies and organizations; and,
  • Provide waste and recycling containers at public space events, or guidance for securing service for events through private providers.
Kids Learn About Waste Collection at Big Toy & Truck Show
Seaweed Composting
Dugout Containers Designed to Collect Waste and Educate
Educating Bus Passengers about Recycling
Beach Containers
Solid Waste Containers at Event Venues
Dual Parks Can and Concrete Rounds at Mills Pond Park
Cherrington Truck Collects Cigarette Butts
Beach Maintenance in the Early Morning
Kids Collecting Recycling at Starlight Festivals
Temporary Containers for Events
Public Space Collections in Process
Customized Containers at a Las Olas Park
Crews picking litter on beach
Our Recycling Collection Truck...Education on Wheels!
Dual Concrete Beach Cans
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